VB Rocks Redesigned

I have finally updated my favorite programming site. Hope you like the design.
If yes, then we both should say Thank you to the OSWD for the nice stuff anyone can borrow there and adjust to their requirements.

VB Rocks Updates

It's several years now since I no longer work with VB 6. All I do is C#,.NET, and SQL. So I guess I have to rename the site to CSharpRocks.

I am soon going to post some of my C# projects on this site, even if the language they are written in no longer matches the original site name. :) One of the projects will be the "captcha" DLL component I wrote for my EmailDocument web site. Drop me an email if you want it before I posted it..

The rest of the pages of this site will for now stay the same as they were when I used VB6. I will start posting some .net stuff here soon. Just check this site back from time to time..

The Paper Notes and the WebServer 2.0 which are my older projects were all written in VB 6. The code is still available and is free.

The icons

I got those beautiful icons from Icon-King, they are distributed under the GPL license. The author is David Vignoni. These are from his 'Nuvola' package.