Source Code

Here is the source code for those who want to see the nuts and bolts.

Paper Notes

Compiler/language: Visual Basic 6.0
CLICK HERE to download the free V1.0.6 SOURCE CODE (you may need the Visual Basic Runtimes to run the program. You can get them here, on the MS WebSite.) Important!
The V1.0.6 source code is free for learning purposes only. You cannot distribute it. You cannot use it in any commercial projects.
By obtaining the version 1.0.8 source code (depending on our agreement), you also get my permission to use PaperNotes 1.0.6 and 1.0.8 source code in your commercial projects.

PaperNotes Version 1.0.8

has the following improvements:

- International Character sets supported
- various character fonts and colors supported
- custom Note color schemes supported
- note header area is bigger to support longer letters
- ActiveX API has been updated (but still binary compatible with 1.0.6, if you know what that means)
If you want to have the Paper Notes 1.0.8 source code, please email me.
The source code can be emailed to you, or burned on a CD and mailed to you via USPS. The CD itself will not be free, I would have to purchase and burn it for you :)


Compiler/Language: Visual Basic 6.0

Email me if you want to have the source code of the Webserver. My email is here.

Version 2.0 of the Webserver

- PHP scripting (via CGI scripting),
- parameters in URLs, and supports POST calls.
- With 2.0 you can design interactive Web pages - guestbooks, web entry forms, etc,
- query SQL databases,
- submit files and photos, etc.
The source code can be emailed to you, or burned on a CD and mailed to you via USPS, if you prefer. Once again, the CD itself is not free.
All requests and suggestions please direct to my email address