PaperNotes User Manual

Tips and Tricks

1. You don't have to click SaveAll all the time - it saves the data every time you shut down Windows. No timer based data save is provided, though.
In other words, the data is not saved until you exit the program OR close Windows OR click Save All.

2. You know there is no limitation on a Note size - you can store as much as... (wanna try? ;) ) your PC's memory can handle. And scrolling down the text can be a pain. So, use Ctrl-F for Find. After it's found the first occurence, use F3 for Find Next. It is case insensitive.
I am not a genius, and can't remember all my passwords to all those web sites. So one of my Notes is really big - it holds all my passwords to the (tsss! credit card sites). I would not suggest you do the same, it's just an illustration when the Ctrl-F function is really necessary.

3. Windows 98 is an old beast. And certainly not the one to rely on. I think I'm not the right person to suggest you to upgrade it, but... who knows, maybe my Paper Notes will be the last drop to overfill the cup.
The problem is that you won't be able to make them transparent under Windows 98. So the choice is to either go to Win2k or XP, or squeeze something else from them.

4. Paper Notes stores its data in Windows Registry. To be precise, in HKCU branch. Email me if you want more details about how the stuff works.

Paper Notes Hints and certainly not Tricks

To open the Main Menu - right-click the Paper Notes Icon in the system tray.
To Add a blank note - double-click the Icon in the system tray, or select New from the main menu.
To Display notes - click once the Icon in the system tray.
To change Note Properties - right-click the note title area to display the note menu.
To Hide (not delete) a note - click the [x] symbol on the top right corner of the note.
To Delete a note - right-click the note title area and select Delete. To Close the program - select Exit in the Main Menu. It will also save its data.
To Move a note - click and drag the note by its title area.
To Resize a note - click and drag the note border. You can also bring all notes to the same size by selecting Default Size All from the main menu.
There are also extended properties that you can change - they affect all notes. You can find them in the main menu under the Options... item.
They are (drum roll...):
- transparency level,
- 'click through' mode switch.

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