'Spartan' Web Server

Want to share your photos on the Web? Have your software or documents that you want to put on the web but don't know how? Have a slow machine and don't want to install a Unix clone on it? Scared of hackers?

How about having your very own Real Http Web Server working on your old Windows 98 machine, which you can use forever, without purchasing an expensive operating system with many features that you don't need?

You can get it. Here. For FREE.

Download the latest version of the WebServer here binaries

What it does

- provides good protection against experienced hackers and basically all modern worms existing on the Net,

- works faster than MS IIS 5.0 (it serves pages in a fraction of a second. Blink, and the page full of JPEGs is already there...),

- serves htm, txt, xml, gif, bmp, jpg, css, js, and many more other file types; fully supports downloadable ZIP, PDF, and other files right from your web site,

- runs PHP scripts (*),

- has a built-in IP filter - that means you can make your site invisible to certain IP addresses,

- limits the number of simultaneous connections to the number you enter,

- supports any TCP/IP ports, not only port 80,

- tracks IP addresses of all clients connecting to it,

- works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, etc....(**),

Check this site from time to time for the latest updates.

The program is compiled as an EXE file, it doesn't need any user input when it works until you close it.
All program settings are stored in the webserver.INI file, which you can modify as you want.
If you want to rename the webserver.exe to something else, like myserver.exe, make sure you also give the INI file the matching name.

What the web server doesn't do yet, but hopefully will do in the future.

- does not run isapi extensions.
- does not interpret asp or jsp pages.

(*) You will need the PHP command interpreter for that function to work.
I recommend you to download it from http://www.php.net .
(**) If you are running Windows XP then most likely you don't need the VB runtimes. If not, please get them at the MS web site for free. The webserver has been written in VB6, therefore it needs the Visual Basic support files to run.

How to use the program

Above the surface:
Run the WebServer.exe.
That's it.

Now, if you want to tune up some settings, read forward.

Touching the surface:
Create your own default.htm file. Place it in the same folder with WebServer.exe. You are done.

Dig deeper:
Have your web site created and located somewhere on your machine or on the network drive. You can use a CD ROM if your web site is on a CD. No problem.
- Make sure your web site has a default.htm file in the root folder. Default.htm is the page that will be served first by the Web Server when a user types http://www.vbrocks.net or your actual web site address. As any Windows program, the server does not care about capital letters in the file name, which means it will treat default.htm and DeFaULT.htm the same.
- Open the WebServer.ini file. Find the line homedirectory=. Type the actual path to your Default.htm file. Do not include the file name.
- Sit back and relax.
Oh, have you already started the web server? No problem, it will pick up the new files after you add them to your web site. No need to restart it.

If you change the INI file
, you'll need to restart the program. When it's working, you know, it's busy serving pages, not re-reading the INI file. Of course, I could add that function, but the program would work slower.

Anyway, go ahead and read the webserver.ini file. It's pretty self-explanatory. If you still have questions I will be happy to answer them via email at vladkozin(at)hotmail.com.


Sample screenshots

Source code is here.

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